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How Dancer Are Using Age in Arts

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6 women. 6 men. Zero dance experience, but 800 years of life experience. The result? A fabulously entertaining new show:


Dica de Rosana Bptistella

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Books | NZ Poetry Shelf – Slip Stream

Slip Stream Auckland University Press, 2010

‘Green knows how to create atmosphere and mood born of genuine conviction. Slip Stream is lovely, weird and warm.’ – Hamesh Wyatt, Otago Daily Times

‘Slip Stream is an account of a time when Paula Green was buffeted in the slipstream of an illness. How can life go on as usual? she asks – and finds answers in poetry and music, crosswords and cherries, lists and family love.’

Source: Books | NZ Poetry Shelf

Vídeo de Rogerio Migliorini

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Fico impressionado por este tipo de vídeo, porque mostra como o pé humano é capaz de desenvolver habilidades “manuais” de coordenação finíssima. Não se trata de um pé especial, sobrenatural ou diferente do meu, e nem foi super treinado por uma técnica científica de altíssima complexidade, mas pelo uso do dia-a-dia. Simples assim!

This kind of video strikes me because it shows how humans are able to develop amazing skills out of nothing. It’s not talking about special persons, supernatural beings, or x-men. Not even about an skill that was trained trough a highly scientific and complex technique. It shows an ordinary skill that was developed though the ordinary use of our plain body. It shows how we are powerful with what we already have. Just that!

Via Reinaldo César Branco