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Trespassing of Boundaries and Unification of Differences Through Art

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Haste Makes Waste – Papillon: the novel

In his autobiographic novel Papillon, Henri Charriêre tells us he was unjustly imprisoned for life in a Island-Prison in the French Guiana. He broke it by jumping in the sea from a rocky coast, even running the risk of being thrown against the rocks.

Nevertheless, he didn’t do it in a haste. Before the flight he profoundly studied the see in that point by throwing in it sacks of coconuts which simulated an adult man’s size and weight. When the waves threw them against the rocks they burst and the fruits now scattered in the see could be easily seen. By doing this several times, Charrière perceived a pattern, so that if he dived in the right moment, he would catch a wave that instead of throwing him against the rocks, would take him away from them.

Papillon knew that waste makes haste, and to act carefully, saved his life.