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Trespassing of Boundaries and Unification of Differences Through Art

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Chiron – Astrodienst

Mapping the Psyche

An Introduction to Psychological Astrology, by Clare Martin


Discovered in 1977 by the astronomer Charles Koval in Pasadena, California, Chiron has been described as a ‘planetoid’ or as a trapped comet, most probably originating from the Kuiper Belt. Its orbital period is between forty-nine and fifty-one years, but the question remains whether it is a temporary visitor to the solar system and, if so, for how long it will be with us. The answer is that we don’t know, because it was only discovered less than thirty years ago. I would certainly recommend that you read Melanie Reinhart’s excellent books on Chiron and the Centaurs. [29]

Audience: Is this possible that the planets could also leave their orbits?

Clare: Planets are caught firmly in the gravitational field of the Sun, but comets have a much more tenuous connection. They are considered to originate in the Kuiper Belt outside the solar system, which they visit from time to time. Chiron is one of many bodies in our solar system which are now called Centaurs – in fact a whole herd of them has now been discovered. Chiron was the first and, like Pluto, it has an extremely elliptical orbit. This means that it spends a great deal more time in some signs than others.

Audience: Has Chiron now been completely integrated into astrology?

Clare: No, not at all. There are many astrologers who don’t use Chiron, which is of significance in itself, since Chiron is a maverick – it is not accepted and it doesn’t belong. However, for psychologically inclined astrologers I believe that Chiron is proving to be very meaningful. My own explanation for this is that Chiron only becomes real for us when we actually experience it for ourselves. In this sense it is similar to Pluto. As a concept, we can take it or leave it, but as an experience there is no doubt that it is profoundly significant. Having said that, I completely accept that there will continue to be a resistance to including Chiron in the birth chart, because it is painful to the ego, and can be humbling and humiliating. However, in the same way as the outer planets, now that it has been discovered out there in the solar system, we know that it also exists within the human psyche. So the question is what it is doing there and what it has to teach us. (Read more)

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Symbiosis – Merging Dance and Biology

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Pilobolus – mais do que uma técnica de dança, os membros dessa cia têm uma tremenda consciência do corpo e do movimento. Dica de Mariângela Segatto