CMON – Cave of Monsters / AMTRO – Aliança dos Monstros

Trespassing of Boundaries and Unification of Differences Through Art

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Apophatic Art

Art is so powerful that it can help us with our physical or spiritual sufferings. That’s made clear by Brian Castner’s present article and statement that says that “All the artist tries to do is create something that says more, means more, instils more, challenges more, reaches for more than the sum of the words or paint brush strokes.”  For this reason, it fits nicely the purpose of this blog that connects art, movement,  and healing, and that considers both healing and religion as very close to each other since both words share the same root. But let’s not speak about it;  instead let’s just listen to the sound of silence, or rather to the sounds of the posts in this blog, even if sometimes they’re conveyed through words.