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Trespassing of Boundaries and Unification of Differences Through Art

Grandmother and Child – Ruth Dallas

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Grandmother and Child

The waves that danced about the rock have gone,

The tide has stolen the rock as time has stolen

The quiet old lady who waited beneath the trees

That moved with a sad sea-sound in the summer wind.


When death was as near as the wind among the leaves,

Troubling the waking fear in the heart of the child

As the wind was troubling the shadows on the sunlit lawn

The grandmother seemed as frail as the frailest leaf.


But she sat so still in the shade of the summer trees

With the wind of death on her cheeks and her folded hands,

Her strength seemed large and cool, as the rock in the sea

Seemed large and cool in the green and restless waves.


As the rock remains in the sea, deep down and strong,

The rock-like strength of the lady beneath the trees

Remains in the mind of the child, more real than death,

To challenge the child’s strength in the hour of fear.


O’Sullivan, V. (Ed.). (1979). An anthology of twentieth century New Zealand poetry . Wellington: Oxford University Press.





What do they see? Long human bones

Thrown out with an old jersey and trousers,

Lying a long time motionless in the hay.


These beautiful, gliding, immaculate birds

Are hopefully wondering if I am dead.


Ruth Dallas


Author: roda de cura

Um ex-artista de dança interessado na transgressão e integração de fronteiras pela arte. A former dancer interested in trespassing of boundaries and unification of differences through art.

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