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Trespassing of Boundaries and Unification of Differences Through Art

Fear Of Death

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MeNtAl Ramblings

Ever since the passing of my beloved pup I have an anxiety filled heart and it has been oozing with the fear of death.  I’m sure this happens to alot of people.  You lose someone close to you and you start to think everyone is a goner and that fear paralyzes you. 

I know, most likely, nothing will happen, but that doesn’t stop my heart beating out of my chest and my mind from spinning, thinking of what could happen, waiting for my phone to ring with the devastating news.

Until I get over this, I would prefer everyone to stay home, don’t go anywhere, don’t pop any pills for anything and don’t gulp down any alcohol or anything else for that matter.  People have died from choking, you know.

Is that going to happen?  Nope.  So, I’ll sit here until these feelings pass, with my pulse rate skyrocketing.  

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Author: roda de cura

Um ex-artista de dança interessado na transgressão e integração de fronteiras pela arte. A former dancer interested in trespassing of boundaries and unification of differences through art.

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